Lofty Pines

Roses from fall color leaves!

A new idea to enjoy the fall leaves as they come down. Choose several large colorful maple leaves. Holding the leaf by stem fold at a slight angle upper 1/3 of leaf away from you and down. Begin rolling the leaf with fold on the inside in a tight roll, and then less tight as you finish the roll. Choose another colorful leaf with the same fold and continue the less tight roll. Use green nursery tape to secure the stems together. A truly pretty flower can be formed.

Bring on the Turkey!

As Lofty Pines gets quiet we often see turkey moving about, but oh so skiddish. One afternoon as I was putting away lawn furniture I walked onto my deck to see this family slowly move along Plum Creek. I was sure my movement would send them flying, however, I was able to get my camera and catch them as they strolled through the playground along Plum Creek.

Fall color has arrived at Lofty Pines!

Lofty Pines is full of color and wonderful smells of autumn. One never has to go far to see an amazing collection and variety of color. This year the reds and oranges are most vibrant with yellows coming on late. As usual Lofty Pines holds one of the most colorful shorelines on Big St. Germain Lake.   

Early morning fisherman on Big St. Germain lake.

Sunrise on Big St. Germain Lake, in early August was spectacular for Joanne Buckley, a guest at Lofty Pines. Joanne is an early riser, use to taking a train commute into the center the city of Chicago every day. Here in the north woods she still rises early to sunrises, lake scenes, bird and animal life that are quietly waiting to be noticed and enjoyed by mankind! Thank you Joanne for sharing this gorgeous photo.

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