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Margo Sherren

Fall brings on an icy 'silver' lake scene. Brian invited me out for one last boat ride as he was putting away pontoon boats. Our sun was getting ready to set and gave us a gorgeous view of the point.

by Margo Sherren

Margo Sherren

Welcome Tom! To other members of - Tom is a friend and author of several books one being 'The Pincherry Group' stories of personal experience in a local hunting camp. A fun read. You may want to visit Tom at and learn more about his books and own one of your own.

by Margo Sherren

Joanne Buckley

A couple Lofty fisherman out fishing as the sun comes up.

by Joanne Buckley

Connie Baeseman

Colleen - my very loving sister - took us on a 'midnight cruise' - the moon on the water was just beautiful that night

by Connie Baeseman