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Margo Sherren

Hi Sue, Glad you found our fun little site, hope you got a chance to see some of the neat photos our guests have been sharing.

by Margo Sherren

Joanne Buckley

A couple Lofty fisherman out fishing as the sun comes up.

by Joanne Buckley

Margo Sherren

Hi Becky, glad you joined us... a fun place to share things like your 'bear video from your back yard!"

by Margo Sherren

Connie Baeseman

Colleen - my very loving sister - took us on a 'midnight cruise' - the moon on the water was just beautiful that night

by Connie Baeseman

Curt & Paulina Goodfellow

Tough love in the wild! See the fish under the talon of the lower adult eagle with both adults saying, "Go fish your own!"

by Curt & Paulina Goodfellow